ESAG Task Force on Recording Gender and Sex

Carleton College - Information Technology Services
ESAG (Enterprise Systems Advisory Group)
Task Force on Recording Gender and Sex

This task force was charged by the ESAG committee with researching and documenting the information currently available in our systems of record, including but not limited to sex, first name, and nickname.  The goal of the project was stated as: "In addition to documenting our current practices, the task force will also be asked to recommend enhancements for the future." 

The task force met during fall term 2015.  A proposal was submitted to ITS and College Deans in October 2015.  The materials on this web page are from that time period - updated versions may be available from some of the organizations listed.

Since fall 2015, Carleton has implemented a number of changes to name information visible to faculty and students.  The College is working with Ellucian (Colleague) to improve the options available to record names, gender, and pronouns.  This project is ongoing.


Carleton College's Statement on Diversity

Gender and Sexuality Center Trans/Gender Resources

Transitioning at Carleton

PEAR Department Transgender Policy



Carleton College Gender-Sex-Name Task Force Proposal 

Name and Sex Information in College Systems-an Overview

Admissions Application Questions about Name and Sex

Name and Sex as Recorded in the Student System (Colleague)

Name and Sex as Recorded in the Alumni System (Advance)


NASPA:  Laura Haave shared this NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) presentation on Title IX and Gender Identity.

Campus Pride
Laura Haave completed the Campus Pride survey in January 2015. Campus Pride ranks campuses' LGBTQ-friendliness based on answers to these surveys.

Campus Pride has also established the Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse to serve as the premier resource for transgender policies at colleges and universities. 

Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals
This consortium has published a Transgender Rights Toolkit (2015) and a Best Practices Document (2014).  The consortium also maintains a database of campus policies submitted by members.

The CHE document, Suggested Best Practices for Asking Sexual Orientation and Gender on College Applications, is included in the task force recommendation.

AACRAO:  Roger Lasley provided the summary results of an American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers March 2015 survey, "Tracking Student Identity Preferences".

Human Rights Campaign: This group publishes guidelines on Collecting Transgender-Inclusive Gender Data and Self-Identification of LGBT Employees.

The FORGE organization has published a good Gender Neutral Pronouns Guide, with pronunciation information.

NCAA has published guidelines for creating inclusive campuses for transgender students.


Tulane University implemented student self-service functionality to select a preferred name and preferred pronoun in October 2015.  Instructions from the Registrar's Office include a screen print and an FAQ section.

University of California:  Laura shared this information about the University of California adding new questions to the application form for fall 2016 enrollment: Gender and Sexuality Questions on Admission Application FAQ.  The university system is also taking additional measures to ensure more inclusive campus environments.  A related article appeared in the Los Angeles Times on August 6, 2015.

University of Vermont:   After attending a conference in July, Laura reports that UVM's preferred name and pronoun policy is now considered the model by most LGBTQA+ higher education professionals. 

Eric Sieger brought this February 2015 New York Times article about the University of Vermont to our attention:  A University Recognizes a Third Gender: Neutral.  The article was accompanied by a Gender-Neutral Glossary.

University of WisconsinGender Pronouns Guide


Chronicle of Higher Education: October 15, 2015 Special Report: Colleges Consider Adopting Inclusive Language in Their Systems - this article describes options institutions are offering.

Inside Higher Ed:  Laura Haave was interviewed for this February 27, 2015 article on the formation of student groups for asexual students.

Huffington Post:  This May 18, 2015 article gives an overview of concerns for transgender students on college campuses.

Buzzfeed video: What It's Like To Be Intersex