Moodle mishap, Tuesday 04 Oct 2011

October 4, 2011
By D Foxgrover

Moodle mishap on Tuesday morning, 04 Oct 2011

This morning, a mishap with Moodle forced a restore from the latest backup.  Work done in Moodle between 1:34 AM and 10:42 AM today (Tuesday, Oct 4th) has been lost or misplaced, including Forum posts, Quiz answers, etc.  See details below.

 - If a student recorded Language lab files during this timeframe, these files can be automatically restored to their proper place on Moodle.  They will be restored as soon as possible, though the process is not immediate.

 - If you created or contributed to a Forum on any Moodle course, or edited any label or other resource during this timeframe, please check to see if your posts or edits are on your Moodle courses as you expect them.  If they are not, please recreate your work as best you can.  (Unfortunately, these posts or edits cannot be restored, as they were created between backups.)

 - If you uploaded any file (Word document, PDF) during this timeframe, it is likely that your file will need to be uploaded again to the correct course.  ITS may be able to help with this process.  Please call the Helpdesk at x 5999  (507-222-5999)  and let them know the name of the file and the course number.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Joel Cooper, Director of Information Technology Services (x 4077)
Sue Traxler, Associate Director of ITS (x 5608)
Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Computing Support Specialist, Team Lead (x 5635)
D Foxgrover, Communication and Training (x 5508)