ITS Staff

Janet Scannell
Janet Scannell Profile
Chief Technology Officer
Rob Alaimo
Rob Alaimo Profile
Lead Systems Engineer
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Profile
Director of Web Services
Rebecca Barkmeier
Rebecca Barkmeier
Desktop Systems Administrator
Troy Barkmeier
Troy Barkmeier Profile
Desktop Systems Administrator
Russ Bauer
Russ Bauer Profile
Enterprise Application Administrator
P.E.A.R. Scoreboard Operator
Carly Born
Carly Born Profile
Academic Technologist
Kevin Chapman
Kevin Chapman Profile
Technology Support Specialist
Julie Creamer
Julie Creamer Profile
Director of Enterprise Information Services
Michael Decker
Michael Decker Profile
Classroom Support Manager
Chris Dlugosz
Chris Dlugosz ’92
Network Architect
Dave Flynn
Dave Flynn ’04 Profile
Director of Systems and Infrastructure
Doug Foxgrover
Doug Foxgrover
Academic Technologist for Presentation & Visual Design
Curator of the Carleton Weather Database
Travis Freudenberg
Travis Freudenberg Profile
Technology Support Specialist
Richard Goerwitz
Richard Goerwitz Profile
Database Admin and Integrator/Data Warehouse Architect
Tammy Hanek
Tammy Hanek Profile
Presentation Technology Specialist
Randy Hoffner
Randy Hoffner
Science Support Specialist
Dann Hurlbert
Dann Hurlbert Profile
Media and Design Specialist
David Huyck
David Huyck ’98 Profile
Senior Web Application Developer
Jeremy Kramer
Jeremy Kramer Profile
Applications Support Programmer
Paula Lackie
Paula Lackie Profile
Academic Technologist
Les LaCroix
Les LaCroix ’79
Strategic Technologist
Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer Profile
Senior DevOps Specialist
Matthew Lundberg
Matthew Lundberg Profile
Manager of Employer Engagement
Sande Nissen
Sande Nissen
Desktop Systems Administrator
Sara Oster
Sara Oster Profile
Database Administrator, Project Manager
Bryan Reed
Bryan Reed Profile
Systems Administrator
Austin Robinson-Coolidge
Austin Robinson-Coolidge Profile
Director of Technology Support
Janet Russell
Janet Russell
Director of Academic Technology
Celeste Sharpe
Celeste Sharpe
Academic Technologist for Instructional Technology

Celeste is the Academic Technologist for Instructional Technology. She earned a PhD in history from George Mason University in Fall 2016, and defended that department's first 'born-digital' dissertation. Her scholarly interests lie in visual culture and the creation of social identities. Since coming to Carleton, Celeste has become involved with student engagement, digital storytelling, ePortfolios, and scholarship for teaching and learning. She works with classes using Omeka and Wordpress, as well as those pursuing digital assignments (eg, podcasting, website building, digital exhibits). She is active in the Public Works grant and serves on the digital curriculum taskforce.

Kendra Strode
Kendra Strode ’10 Profile
Technology Support Specialist
Bryan Thieling
Bryan Thieling Profile
Systems Administrator
Neal Weeg
Neal Weeg Profile
Applications Support Programmer
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Academic Technologist for Digital Scholarship
Matt Burr
Matt Burr Profile
Events Support Specialist
Jeanne Blair
Jeanne Blair Profile
Technology Purchasing Coordinator & Office Manager
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace
Enterprise Analyst/Developer
Mavis Gustafson
Mavis Gustafson
Enterprise Software Business Analyst
Noel Ponder
Noel Ponder Profile
Technology Support Specialist
Kendall George
Kendall George Profile
Information Security Officer
Matt Buresh
Matt Buresh
Web Application Developer