ITS Staff Summer 2017

Construction ahead - Moodle, Email and Classroom software

June 4, 2014

ConstuctionITS takes advantage of the relative quiet over the summer to roll out updates and improvements to many of our core services.  This year, that includes upgrades to Moodle, Zimbra and newer versions of software for the classroom and lab computers.  

Moodle  (upgrade to version 2.6)

Moodle gets an upgrade this summer, sporting these enhancements:

  • A new, simplified theme
  • More responsive design
  • Better functionality for smartphones and tablets
  • Ability to edit PDFs without ever leaving Moodle
  • Collapsible sections in the settings page
  • Adjustable email digest settings on a per-forum basis

Read our Introduction to Moodle 2.6 before getting started.  When you're ready, this new version is available with Fall course shells at: .

Zimbra  (upgrade to version 8)

Zimbra will be getting a facelift this summer.  The new version includes:

  • Fixes to some long-standing bugs
  • Security updates
  • New features such as a new, cleaner interface
  • New options for the ‘out-of-the-office’ autoreply feature
  • A more full-featured mobile interface

Zimbra will have minimal downtime during the upgrade, which is scheduled for the beginning of August.  Watch for announcements during the summer.

Classroom and labs

Summer is the time we update software on refreshing lab and classroom computers.  Some highlights:

  • Windows 7 will be upgraded to the 64 bit version.  
    • Although it looks identical to the current 32-bit version, the 64-bit version can access a lot more memory, making it faster and more stable.
  • Office 2010 will be upgraded to Office 2013.  Features include:
    • a cleaner interface
    • a collapsible ribbon
    • the ability to edit simple PDF documents directly in Word.
  • Mac OS X 10.8 will be upgraded to version 10.9.

If you need a particular software package added to the instructor stations or refreshing lab computers, please contact the Helpdesk by July 15th.  (See what software is already installed.  (Login Required.))  We’ll do our best to have it ready to go for classes.