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Staffing changes in ITS

April 19, 2014
By Janet Scannell

Carleton is fortunate to have a very talented technology staff made up of individuals with an incredible commitment to Carleton. I have put in place changes that make the best use of staff members' strengths within a cohesive organization. These changes include: 1) institute separate leadership of the Helpdesk and Academic Technology, 2) five distinct groups with managers for each, 3) better integration of PEPS and Web Services and 4) the use of cross-functional “matrix” teams to address critical issues across our work groups, such as communication and project management.

I have heard many questions about the roles of ITS staff – especially the academic technologists and liaisons – and uncertainty about whom to call for what and where to go to escalate an issue. We will have more clarity around those two roles by Fall Term. Before we can finish that work, I need to finish staffing the ITS management team which currently includes Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Dave Flynn and Julie Creamer. The other management positions, which should be filled by the end of April, are a Director of Web Services (read related note from Joe Hargis here) and a Director of Academic Technology.  Please stay tuned for an announcement of open sessions to meet the candidates for the Director of Academic Technology on April 30th, May 2nd and May 7th.

As a result of the restructuring (and previously open positions) we are also looking for a Senior Systems Administrator and an Enterprise Analyst / Developer.  With staff departures in PEPS and the Web Group, we have added new members to ITS: Dann Hurlbert and Tom Feiler. Bryan Reed will be joining us soon to fill a 3-year position being supported by the Mellon Collaboration grant to allow Rich Graves to serve a 3-year term as Information Security Officer for Carleton and St. Olaf.

Many of you have reached out with compliments about the expertise and commitment of staff in ITS, saying things such as “I received wonderful support”,  “he calmly walked me through the problem” and “I really lean on ___ and she’s been there for me”.  I am striving to make sure that our new staff members will have the same service orientation.

All of us in ITS are working to create an organization that is able to understand competing needs, to make commitments, and to meet them – all of that within a quickly changing technology landscape.

Click here to see the new ITS organization chart.