ITS Staff Summer 2017

Trends and Challenges for Technology in Higher Ed

April 21, 2014
By D Foxgrover

Technology changes rapidly, like a fast-flowing river.  Innovations in teaching and learning often push the boundaries of current software and hardware.  Though it is difficult to keep up with all these developments, these are the waters in which we swim.

To help navigate this metaphoric river, ITS regularly consults the research of two Higher Ed IT organizations, Educause and the New Media Consortium (NMC). These groups monitor the landscape for trends, developments and challenges in IT.  High-priority issues include:

  • Contain and reduce costs
  • Achieve demonstrable improvements in student outcomes
  • Keep pace with innovations in e-learning, and use e-learning as a competitive advantage
  • Meet students’ and faculty members’ expectations of contemporary consumer technologies and communications

These publications from Educause (2013 Top-Ten, 2014 Top-Ten) and NMC (2014 Horizon Report) were part of the background reading for members of the ITS Strategic Planning Group.  The reports are updated annually and will continue to provide perspective on our rapidly-moving river.