ITS Staff Summer 2017

Bigger, Better, Faster - Wireless updates

June 4, 2014
By Chris Dlugosz

WiFi logoHuge advances have been made in wireless technology, and we’re taking advantage of them.  More access points, faster data speeds, fewer dropped connections - all these are coming to Carleton.

Wireless will receive a lot of attention this summer, in response to its rankings in our MISO Survey results.  The college has about 585 wireless access devices (which are similar to home wireless routers).  Approximately 115 older wireless access devices will be replaced with 200 new devices this summer.  (Click for geeky details.) These upgrades will take place in different buildings and at different times throughout the summer.

If you are in a building that will be affected, Network Architect Chris Dlugosz will notify you a week ahead of a very brief outage (measured in minutes rather than hours) that is needed for these upgrades.   Feel free to contact Chris <> with any questions.