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(The above graphic is borrowed from the DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) strategic plan.

For Carleton Faculty, Staff and Students: How to get help with your Data & Research Methods questions

Send an email enquiry to PLackie <at>

  • Students, please sure to tell me if this is for a course and if so, which professor and which course (the short name is also great! eg: posc230-01-s11).  Non course related research questions are also welcome!
  • A clear subject line is always helpful for people like me (with too much email!)

Who might benefit from this kind of help?

  1. Anyone wishing to discuss options and techniques for managing their evidence/data (oh.. Excel®, it's not always your friend!)
  2. Anyone wishing to discuss options and techniques for choosing among social science research methods - conducting your own or understanding the work of others. 
  3. Anyone interested in conducting a useful survey
  4. Declared majors in the social sciences wondering if they should get started on finding a topic for their comps... if you wait until you know what you're doing, you'll run out of time! Start with me and see what happens.
Not sure? .. just ask!

Already have the data-bug?  Check out these interesting blogs and websites: (from Data to Decision) Data, Analytics, and Visualization - visualizing data (especially large tables)