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This page is home to our Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find information on all sorts of things, from useful info about using Moodle and Google Docs to how to give someone access to course materials.  If you have any questions you would like to see us add answers to, please email us.

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How do I create a Metacourse?

 IMPORTANT:  We recommend contacting Academic Technology before creating a metacourse site.  Members of Academic Technology can create the metacourse site.  This metacourse will be able to auto-create groups by section and will prevent confusion related to section titles.  Contact Carly Born for more information and/or assistance.

1. Click Turn editing on on the course page you want to make a metacourse

Turn Editing on

2. From the "Administration" block open the "Users" drop down and click on Enrollment methods

Admin Block

Users Drop Down

3. On the next screen click on the Add method drop down and select Course meta link

Add Method Drop Down Box

4. On the following screen type the course you want to add to the metacourse in the search box and the choose it from the block and click Add

Search Box

5. Moodle will automatically create groups out of each individual class that you add to the Metacourse, which you can use to send group messages or set assignments for only certain groups, etc.

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