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What do the different roles allow people to do on my course page?

The different user roles in Moodle allow you give different levels of access to different people in your course. You can use the chart below as a reference for assigning roles to people in your course.

It is not a good idea to assign more than one role to a person at a time. The role definitions will sometimes conflict and end up giving unpredictable results to the user.

O = this role has this capability
X = this role does NOT have this capability

Guest Student Student TA Grader Course Editor Academic Support Staff Non-Editing Teacher Teacher
View forums & activities X O O O O O O O
Participate in forums X O O O O O O O
Complete activities X O X X X O X O
Add time slots to an existing Scheduler activity X X O O O O X O
View/grade individual activities X X X O O O O O
View/edit ALL grades in gradebook X X X X X X O O
Create new or edit existing activities X X X X O O X O
Import contents to another site X X X X X O X O
  • Carly Born, 14 September 2015

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