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How do I set weights in my gradebook?

The Moodle gradebook allows you to weight individual activities or categories of activities. You can weight each activity in a category, such as weighting all quizzes to be the same value. Or, you can weight each category in the class to fit the percentages on your syllabus.

It is important to note that Moodle has two different ways to weight grades. See the FAQ page on "weighted mean" and "simple weighted mean" to figure out which one will work better for your purpose.

To weight grades:

1)  Click on Grades in your Administration tab to take you to your gradebook.


2) Click on the setup tab under Grader report.


3) Choose the category for which you wish to set weights. Note that weights of items in a category or categories in a category are always set within the bigger category. For example, if you want to set weights based on the percentage of each category (e.g. quizzes, papers, participation) in the class, you would edit the entire class category. If you want to set the weights of each quiz within the quiz category, you would edit the quiz category.

4) Click the edit button next to that category heading. It is important to note that there are two edit buttons for each category- one in its heading next to its name, and one at the bottom of the category next to its total. The one you want is the one at the top of the category as shown below:


The heading for the entire course will be at the top of the gradebook setup, and the total will be at the bottom. Depending on how many assignments you have in the gradebook, you may have to scroll to see either of these. Just as with a category, you will want to click the edit button next to the course name in the heading, rather than the one next to the total at the bottom:



5) Click Edit Settings in the drop down menu that appears from the Edit link.

6) Choose which weighting method you want to use from the Aggregation drop down list.


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