Leaving Carleton

There are many things to think about when you leave Carleton, no matter how long you have been here.  Your email, computer, files on the local network, Moodle courses, and the files on your computer are all going to go away and you need to make sure to get what you need before you leave.  We can help you with all of that, but you need to make sure we know you are leaving so we can get started on the process early, and make sure you don't lose anything because we didn't know until it was too late to get everything done. 

Here's a checklist of things that may need to be done related to your digital assets:

  • email:  you need to move all of your mail to a different email account so you don't lose anything, and
  • digital files:  you need to copy all your files on the network and office computer(s) on to an external drive, cloud storage, or dvds so you can take them with you.  We recommend that you transfer ownership of any files you have in your Carleton Google Docs account  to a different, probably Google-based, account.  (For more information on this, go here)
  • software:  if you have a Carleton copy of Office, EndNote or Adobe Creative Suite on your home computer, you need to uninstall it to remove those licenses
  • Moodle:  if you may at any point want to reuse content from your Moodle courses again, you need to backup your courses and download the resulting zip files. You might also want to download the same courses in a more generic format (eg: SCORM).  Feel free to contact your AT for advise on this as this kind of thing can easily become totally mind-numbingly irritating and/or daunting.
  • hardware:  all hardware supplied by Carleton (eg: external harddrives, speakers, and and office computers) needs to be returned to ITS.  Please schedule a time with ITS (x5999) or call your Academic Technologist to sort out a good time to pick-up your Carleton owned equipment.