New Faculty

Welcome to Carleton!

Academic Technologies invites you to explore the following pages to learn more about us, how things work, and what resources (both textual and actual physical objects) are available to you.

Carleton's Computing Environment

The Carleton academic computing environment has been designed to provide both extremely high functionality and ease of use. At the heart are Macintosh, Windows, and Unix desktop computers, connected to campus and Internet services via the College high speed data network. Carleton is connected to Internet2 (a high-speed computing network for the higher education community). All students, faculty and academic staff have access to the computers and the internet-based resources through systems on campus in locations such as classrooms and labs, faculty offices, and research and teaching labs.

The computers are connected via ethernet cables or wifi to our servers, which provide campus access to departmental information, curricular and research materials, web-based discussion tools, e-mail, library catalogs, and other resources.  Note that you'll always have faster and slightly more secure connections if you use the ethernet (as opposed to the wireless option.)

There are numerous support entities on campus, and many new faculty members find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of people stepping forward to offer help. Academic Technologies is one of many such groups, but our focus is on helping professors use technology in the most effective way to present the pedagogy. We don't think like technical support staff, nor do we operate like faculty members, but we are certainly a bridge across these worlds realms.  If we don't know the answer to your question, we more than likely know who does.

Before Arriving on Campus:

  • Set up your Carleton username and password - directions for this should be sent via email
  • Contact your Technologist, if they have not contacted you yet, to discuss your computer needs
  • Meet with your Technologist when you arrive on campus

The following pages will help you get started with Carleton computing, and will hopefully serve as useful resources over the next few months.

Who is Academic Technologies and what can they do for you?

Please take some time to learn more about us - we are here to help, to collaborate, and to advise on a variety of topics. Learn how to get the computer you want for your office, receive training in software, and more!

New Faculty FAQ

We have created a section with some frequently asked questions and useful information for new faculty members. If you have any questions you think we should add, please let us know!

Labs and Classrooms with computers

Where are the labs and computerized classrooms on campus? What technology is in those labs and classrooms?

Class Resources

Descriptions of the various ways of communicating and interacting with your classes using the internet, from mailing lists to Course Management Systems.

Academic Support at Carleton

The number of people available to support you in your teaching, researching, and computing at Carleton can be daunting.  A number of us worked together to create a Moodle page to help sort out who may be useful for which kinds of things - and to help you find the right person when you want help.  You can access it here, and if you need the enrollment key, please see this page.