Moodle is Carleton's learning management system (LMS) and be found at

Please feel free to check Carleton's Online Moodle documentation if you have questions.

Moodle Evaluation & Needs Assessment

Recent reports and blog posts about the future of the Learning Management System (LMS) reflect the general feel towards Moodle on our own campus: Moodle is not fulfilling the curricular technology needs at a satisfactory level.

It has been a long time since we have evaluated our Moodle/LMS needs.  But we are now in a good position to work with campus stakeholders to do a full needs analysis.


With the support of the Future Learning Technologies Group, we will undergo a campus-wide evaluation of the use of Moodle on our campus. Beginning at the start of spring term, we will invite students, staff and faculty to participate in an online survey to gather information.  The survey will focus on assessing the satisfaction with and importance of various features currently supported by Moodle. At the same time, we will investigate analytics from the Moodle server itself to give us more information about how and how often Moodle is currently used on campus. Finally, we will conduct focus group discussions to gather more in-depth feedback.


Late Winter term Data from Moodle server
Spring Break Faculty & Staff Survey
Early Spring term Student survey
Mid Spring term Focus Groups
Late spring term Analyze data
June 2016 Finalize Analysis
August 2016 Product research
Fall term 2016 Campus discussions about report and future directions

Call For Participation

We are hoping to have high rates of participation from amongst all areas of the campus that use Moodle.  We will invite a representative sample of 500 students to participate in the survey, and as many as possible in the focus group discussions.  All faculty and all staff who use Moodle will be invited to participate in both the online survey and focus group discussions. Please watch your inbox for invitations when the surveys become available!

More Information

This study is being conducted by Carly Born, Academic Technologist in Information Technology Services. If you have questions or comments, please contact Carly (cborn, x7010) any time!