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May 3

Design Strategies in Moodle 2

Using Moodle to reinforce your pedagogical or communication goals.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
12:00 – 1:00 pm / CMC 109

Design Strategies: getting the Most out of Moodle 2

(1 hr) -- PAULA

This workshop will focus in on some Moodle features to reinforce your unique or shared pedagogical goals;  

  • Which tools best support a writing-rich course for both you and your students?
  • What possibilities are there for QRE support?
  • What aspects of which components can best support a discussion-rich seminar or support students in encountering their own metacognitive processes? 
  • Using the system to schedule presentations, office hours and/or communicate with subgroups or the whole class.

Note: this session will point to more in-depth sessions, e.g., fora/forums & scheduler.

Come to this session to learn more!

Seating is limited.  Please sign up below.


Sponsored by Information Technology Service. Contact: Paula Lackie, x5607