Next steps for The Hub

November 15, 2018
By Julie Creamer

The Hub, as we have known it for over a decade, will hit its end-of-life in December 2021.  Over the next three years, we will be moving The Hub to new technology.

Some Hub functions have a fairly clear and direct upgrade path with our current software vendor. For example, the new payroll advices will contain basically the same information that we have in the current Hub. Other functions have a less direct upgrade path, and will bring changes that require campus conversation and reflection.  For example, registration and degree audit will be significantly different. Registrar Emy Farley is leading the campus through this replacement and has started conversations with faculty and student representatives from the ECC and LIBIT committees.

You will not see changes to The Hub all at once. Functionality will transition slowly over the next three years, so we will be working in a blended environment during that time. One change you will notice is that clicking on some links will work as it does now, while clicking on other links (whose features leverage the new technology) will open a new tab in your browser.  

The first round of changes coming in January will be for parents and students, and will include replacements for the following functions:

  • Review tuition statements
  • Make tuition payments
  • See grades
  • Review financial aid

In addition to having a more modern look-and-feel, some of these new pages deliver added functionality for our students and parents, as well as some fairly significant process changes for the Business Office and Student Financial Services.

A lot of thought and care goes into these software migrations, and we are looking for help. If you are interested in volunteering for a focus group or being a beta tester for the new software, please let me know (jcreamer). I will collect names now, and reach out to you as projects need testing or feedback.

You will be receiving more detailed information as new functions are delivered, but if you have questions now, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.