ITS Staff Summer 2018

Summer Changes

September 13, 2019
By Austin Robinson-Coolidge and Celeste Sharpe


Over the summer, every classroom instructor station was replaced with an updated and more powerful computer. Because of a change in the hardware design, we’ve had to switch from the electronic power buttons we’ve used the last four years (the little red buttons on the front of the teaching station) to a mechanical switch. The front of the case looks different, as well.

In addition, Evelyn M. Anderson Hall has five new classrooms, each of which has technology to allow students and faculty to project wirelessly.

We’ve updated a number of applications, such as Chrome and Firefox, to their current versions. The Macs are all running MacOS 10.14 Mojave, and the Windows computers are all running an updated version of Windows 10. Microsoft Office has been updated to Office 2019, which has some slight visual changes but continues to use the same file formats as the last several Office versions. We are no longer installing Flash, Java, or Silverlight on refreshing computers or on newly replaced computers, unless they are required for one of the other apps installed. Chrome has embedded and automatically maintained versions of the Flash and Java plugins; they are not present in Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 


Adobe Creative Cloud, which is installed in a select number of labs and classrooms, now requires that faculty, staff, and students sign into it using their Adobe ID. If they don’t have an Adobe ID, they can create one; they don’t need to use an Adobe ID associated with Carleton if they already have a different one. The Adobe ID also doesn’t need to have any licenses associated with it, as the lab spaces are using our lab license; Adobe simply requires that the user sign in. 


This summer, we transitioned to a new, more robust lecture capture tool called Panopto. It integrates with Moodle, and there are a number of resources for getting started with Panopto in the ITS Service Catalog.

We have updated our services handout to include many of our consultation and project areas, as well as the platforms and spaces we support. There have been no substantive updates to Moodle over the summer. For your reference, if you have a question while editing your course, there is a "Moodle Docs for this page" link in the footer of every Moodle page that takes you to more information.

As always, if you're interested in talking with us about integrating technology into your teaching or research, having problems, or if things aren't working the way you expect, please don't hesitate to reach out to a specific academic technologist or to Celeste Sharpe, Interim Director of Academic Technology (csharpe).