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  • Under request type drop down menu: Please choose "PEPS" (towards the bottom), then "Event" from the next drop-down menu, and then "Tech assistance and/or setup", "Videoconferencing", or "Videotaping".
  • You may need to log in with your Carleton user name and password.

PEPS Photo Spheres

 Check out our photo spheres when planning for your next event! These immersive 360 degree photos can help you visualize the space to see what type of furniture and equipment is available for you to use. This is only the beginning and we will be adding more soon!  (Click on the thumbnails below to view)

Sayles Hill Lounge Great Hall Skinner Chapel Concert Hall

Sayles Hill Lounge

Great Hall

Skinner Chapel

Concert Hall

Olin 149 Great Hall Skinner Chapel Concert Hall

olin 149

Great Hall

Skinner Chapel

Concert Hall


PEPS media coverage of events:

With its rich calendar of events and performances, Carleton is a regional cultural center. PEPS will continue to expand the tradition of recording Carleton events for dissemination via video, audio, DVD, and the web.

PEPS video conferencing:

Video conferencing is a great way to communicate with people simultaneously from different locations.  The most typical use is for a group meeting, faculty presentation, job interview, or research collaboration.  Although there are many different types of video conferencing solutions on the market today, PEPS can assist you with the following programs: Skype, Google Hangout, and Vidyo.

Our office has one video conference room that can hold up to five participants and is located in Weitz Room 31.  If you would like to reserve this room or you would like PEPS assistance with your video conference call, please submit a PEPS request using our online request forms. Allow at least 48 hours for us to process your request.

Please click here to view the classrooms that are video conference ready: Equipment in Rooms 

Remember, to reserve a classroom, please contact Campus Scheduling at ext.7185 or submit an online reservation

Note: We would prefer that you try to schedule a classroom that has video conferencing equipment but if none are available, we can setup the necessary equipment if the room has an installed projection system.