PEPS Equipment Checkout Policies

The use of our equipment is free of charge. This service is available to all to Faculty, Staff and Students of Carleton College.

Due to the demand for the use of our equipment, failure to return or renew an item by its due date will result in a suspension of checkout privileges.

Checkout duration is subject to demand and availability of equipment.

 Items can be checked out for up to two weeks, but can be renewed if the equipment remains available.

Responsibilities for Loaner Equipment Checkout: PEPS strives to keep all of its equipment in good working order. When checking out a piece of equipment, you agree to use it carefully and to return it in full working condition. This insures that it remains in good shape for the next person. If you experience any problems with the equipment, please let us know.

At the time of checkout, PEPS will go over the equipment and related accessories with you. When returned, the equipment will once again be inspected by PEPS in your presence. In the case of missing or damaged equipment, you will be monetarily responsible for replacement or repair.

If you have a special request, or long-term needs of our equipment, please talk to Tammy Hanek at PEPS x4692

or call us at PEPS x5002