Faculty Course Resources

Faculty Course Resources is an opt-in feature for a variety of automatically-managed course resources available for Carleton faculty.

Getting Started:

    As of Winter term, 2018, there are three possible resources you can request for any course section you're teaching in the current term:

    • Google Group, useful for emailing everyone in your class, creating calendar appointments in Google Calendar, or sharing files and folders in Google Drive.
    • Dropbox Group, useful for sharing files and folders in Dropbox.
    • Course Folder on the courses.ads.carleton.edu file share, useful for student work submission and return, the sharing of course materials, etc.

    Course resources requested via this form are typically available within a couple of hours. Google and Dropbox Groups are automatically kept up to date with your course's teachers and enrolled students and should match what you see in Moodle; hence, if you add a course participant manually in Moodle (say, a grader or auditor) they will also be enrolled into your Google/Dropbox group automatically. COURSES is more complicated, but is unchanged from how it has worked for the last several years with the exception that course folders are only populated by request through this form, rather than for every section of every course. For more on how Course Folders work, click here.

      More Info:


      • If you want to learn more about requesting Faculty Course Resources please contact the ITS Helpdesk helpdesk@carleton.edu