Lecture Capture

Lecture capture software lets you record your computer screen, a video of yourself, your voice, or any combination of those three--and easily share the recording with your students.  You can then review basic analytics to see who is watching how much of your lectures.  Some consider lecture capture software the key to academic continuity in the face of flu epidemics and bad weather. Others think of it as THE tool for flipping the classroom. The Horizon Report projects that lecture capture will become as ubiquitous and expected as overhead projectors and classroom computers and that it will “improve the learning yield.” An article in Inside Higher Ed called lecture capture the “must have software” in education. The range of possible uses of lecture capture software suggests that it can positively influence attention, focus, involvement, and accountability, and learning.  Creating a video for your students is fairly easy, but designing a good learning experience for your students is more difficult.  It’s not only important to be able to operate the software, but it's also essential to align your captured content with learning goals. Consider reviewing this document before you get started: Instructional Video Starter Doc

Getting Started:

Carleton's Lecture Capture tool is Panopto. Below are a few videos and a "Getting Started" document to help you get rolling.

Panopto 1, Getting Started

Panopto 2, Creating a Video

Panopto 3, Sharing Videos

Panopto 4, Uploading Videos

Panopto 5, Accessing Panopto Through Moodle

Getting Started with Panopto Doc


Panopto has a robust support available at Panopto Support. We are also happy to discuss both the technical needs and pedagogical uses of lecture capture with you in person; please contact Dann Hurlbert at x7024 or by email at dhurlbert@carleton.edu for more information.