Omeka is web-publishing platform for curating digital items with robust metadata. Users, either individually or collaboratively, are able to create collections and build digital exhibits of items. Items, collections, and exhibits can be public or private.  

Getting Started  

Why use Omeka?

  • Create digital exhibits and collections
    • Pedagogical goals: create scholarly interpretations through the selection and organization of digital items supported by narrative text, learn data and metadata management, develop ability to write in different contexts.
  • Use it as a platform for collaborative and community-oriented work.
    • Pedagogical goals: create outward-facing scholarship for a wide-range of audiences, tailor content for audiences outside the professor and classroom.
  • Use it to prototype larger projects
    • Pedagogical goals: learn project management (how to break down a larger project into discrete stages of development) and develop metacognitive abilities to discuss, evaluate, and present on project process.

More Info:

  • There is considerable documentation for how to get started with an Omeka site
  • If you’re new to using this platform, the version is the easiest way to get up and running quickly. To set-up an Omeka site, please contact Celeste Sharpe at x5245 or
  • Designing a consistent plan for uploading items and their associated metadata and organizing items into collections and exhibits that aligns with your research and pedagogy goals can be a lengthier process. We would be happy to discuss with you how to customize Omeka for your particular needs.  

Example Projects Using Omeka: