On Campus File Storage

Choosing where to store your digital files, whether they’re Word documents, pictures, music files, databases, or something else, is a process of balancing the need for access from multiple locations, security, and the need to share the files with other people.  Files stored in the ITS provided on-campus file shares provide a good mixture of security and ease-of-sharing, but are somewhat less globally-accessible than files stored in the cloud.

Carleton provides three main file shares for use by students, faculty, and staff called HOME, COLLAB, and COURSES.

Please note: HOME and COLLAB will be permanently decommissioned on June 29, 2018. 

Getting Started:

  • HOME is a file share for personal information, accessible only to you. Most HOME folders are unused, and new folders are not provisioned for new members of the Carleton community. ITS recommends that you use Dropbox or Google Drive for personal file storage.
  • COLLAB is a file share for shared documents. Every Carleton department has a COLLAB folder whose contents are, by default, available only to members of that department; if needed, files and folders within the departmental folder can be shared with other members of the Carleton community.  COLLAB is also used to store information about projects and student organizations.
  • COURSES is a file share for data related to academic courses at Carleton. Course folders are not provisioned automatically - they must be requested via the Hub.

More Info:

  • All the networked file shares are backed up regularly.  If one of your files becomes corrupted or accidentally deleted, you can recover it from backups by following the directions in this article: https://wiki.carleton.edu/x/awC2
  • Access to files and folders on COLLAB is, for the most part, automatically granted based on departmental roles.  However, if you need additional access, you can contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or via email at helpdesk@carleton.edu.  If you are requesting access to a folder or document that falls outside of your office or department, you will need to have your supervisor or the owner of the folder submit the request for access on your behalf.
  • Access to folders on COURSES is updated nightly, based on enrollment data.  This means that if you add a course on Tuesday, you won’t get access to its folder until Wednesday.  If you have already waited a day and still don’t have access, contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or via email at helpdesk@carleton.edu for assistance.