General Book Collection

Located on the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Levels, the general book collection is classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System in a sequence from A-Z. Folio (oversize) volumes for each floor are on the shelves to the left of the elevator.

Reference Book Collection

The Reference Book Collection is located on the north side of 4th Level, directly opposite the Library entrance. This non-circulating collection includes materials that need to be kept at hand to provide reference access to subjects in books, periodicals, and documents, as well as substantive facts such as biographical information, statistical data, definitions, addresses, etc. The Reference Collection is arranged by Library of Congress Classifiction System.

A few heavily used reference books that would normally be included in the Reference Collection are shelved near the Reference Desk. This collection is referred to as the "Ready Reference Collection."

Current Reading Books

Shelved in the library's Athenaeum, this collection consists of current reading material of broad scope and general interest that does not necessarily relate to the college curriculum. The collection exists to encourage students and faculty from varying disciplines to "discover" other discipline areas by browsing. New titles are added to the collection throughout the year.

Hubbs Paperbacks

Located in the New Books Area, this collection is maintained by an endowment from former College Trustee, Ronald Hubbs, who was a great lover of books and a strong supporter of the library. Over the years it has evolved into a mystery and science fiction collection. No record of these titles appears in the Library's catalog, no circulation records are maintained, and their return is on the honor system. New material is periodically added to the collection and out-of-date materials removed.

Bloch Western Americana Collection

This non-circulating collection is the gift of Marie Halun Bloch, a well-known children's author who has also published extensively in her native Ukrainian. It was the personal collection of her husband, Donald Beaty Bloch, a well-known used and rare book dealer in the Denver area for over 40 years. The collection consists of over 1,500 older Western Americana titles in exceptionally good condition that are, for the most part, out of print. The majority of this collection is located in the compact shelving on 3rd Level. The collection's rare items are held in Special Collections.