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Purpose of the collection

The Gould Library collection supports the college's diverse programs of learning and teaching. Collection scope and depth reflect the curriculum of the college, directly supporting the teaching programs of each department, and enabling students to conduct comps research. Even an exceptional undergraduate collection cannot support faculty research, but we attempt to do so to the extent possible in a college library. Carleton's library collection is necessarily supplemented by an active interlibrary loan service, available to faculty, students and staff

There are many ways to request items

  • Email us:
  • Drop off a suggestion with your favorite library employee
  • Use the form below

Questions, concerns, and suggestions about the collection are always welcome. Please contact Lisa Pillow at x5447,, for questions relating to developing the  Library's General Collections or Kristi Wermager at x4273, for questions related to developing the Library's Special Collections.

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