Other Campus Resources

The following campus resources are not in the Library's collections:


The College Archives are located on 1st Level West. Archives contain the records and memorabilia of the College and many of the people associated with it. Anyone interested in archival holdings should contact the College Archivist.

Perlman Learning and Teaching Center (LTC) Library

The LTC maintains a library collection of books, journals, and articles in Weitz Center 146, open weekdays.  The collection is searchable in Catalyst. 

Carleton Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance Library

The Carleton SFA group has a large library collection of over 1600 science fiction and fantasy books.  These are housed in the SFA house, currently Benton.  You can search the library on LibraryThing (you can log in as user: carletonsfa, password: bentonhouse).


The Art Department and some other departments have extensive slide collections.

Musical Recordings

The Music Department has a collection for departmental use.

Juvenile Materials

The Educational Studies Department maintains a collection of elementary and secondary school materials in its Curriculum Materials Library in the basement of Willis Hall.

Computer Software

Most academic software packages are maintained by Information Technology Services (ITS), as well as by individual departments.