Digital, Archival, and Special Collections

Digital Collections

The Carleton College Digital Collections facilitate learning and scholarship by transforming images, books and serials into online formats that allow for wider sharing of research and teaching materials within the Carleton community and, where possible, the Internet.  Many of the materials presented digitally are from the College Archives or Special Collections.

Archival Collections

The Carleton College Archives houses a repository of historical materials relating to the founding and growth of Carleton College, including photographs, meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks and memorabilia.  The materials support research about Carleton College and related topics.

Special Collections

The Carleton College Special Collections is a collection of books and other printed materials that are fragile, rare, valuable, of unusual format, or otherwise in need of special care and protection.  The materials include examples of various periods and styles of printing, binding, and book illustration. This collection is actively developed to support the curriculum.