LC Closed Dates in Authority Records

The Library of Congress and OCLC have published the weekly Closed Dates in Authority Records list since Feb 1, 2006. Refer to their full lists here. Below you will find spreadsheets of data harvested from Closed Dates site (from Feb 2006 through Feb 2013). We hope that they will be useful to other organizations.

These links are to Google Doc spreadsheets. If you wish to download a spreadsheet as an Excel file, choose File -> Download As -> Excel in the Google Docs interface.

We also offer two Connexion macros created for this project by Mark Ehlert, the Coordinator of Digitization, Cataloging & Metadata Education at Minitex. These links are to Google Doc. If you wish to use the macro in Connexion, you need to download Google Doc as a text file, choose File -> Download As ->  Plain Text (txt) in the Google Doc interface. It is necessary to edit your initial in 667 and 949 to suit your local need. And please read very carefully each note section in Mark's macro. It describes what this macro can do and cannot do. If you need more information, please refer to Minitex website: Macros for Connexion Client.

If you want to bring a batch of authority records through TCP/IP Connection but not Gateway, please visit the website for exporting options:




Any questions or comments, please contact Hsianghui Liu-Spencer at or Tom Lamb at