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Library Hours

Spring Break Hours
March 18–30, 2014

Monday–Friday: 8 am–5 pm
Saturday–Sunday: CLOSED
Sunday, Mar. 30: noon–10 pm

Spring Term Hours
March 31–June 4, 2014

Monday–Friday: 8 am–1 am
Saturday: 9 am–midnight
Sunday: 9 am–1 am

End of Term Hours
June 5–9, 2014

Thurs., June 5: 8 am–3 am
Fri., June 6: 8 am–3 am
Sat., June 7: 9 am–3 am
Sun., June 8: 9 am–3 am
Mon., June 9: 8 am–10 pm

Reference Librarian Hours

Academic Term:

Librarians staff the Research/IT desk during the following hours:

  • Monday–Thursday: 10 am–5 pm, 7 pm–9 pm
  • Friday: 10 am–5 pm
  • Sunday: 1 pm–5 pm, 7 pm–9 pm

Feel free to make an appointment directly with a reference librarian. Librarians' offices are located along west wall of the reference room on the 4th floor, and in offices 420 and 421, just west of the Rookery.

Summer, Winter, and Spring Breaks:

A reference librarian is on call during the following hours:

  • Monday–Friday: 10 am–noon, 1 pm–4 pm

You can page the librarian on call from the phone on the Research/IT desk, or look for the "Reference Librarian is IN" sign on the librarian's office door.