General Research Guides

Government Information on the Web

Meta Sites

  • Government Resources on the Web (U. of Michigan Document Center) A large, comprehensive site including links and information pertaining to federal, foreign, and international government, as well as a wealth of statistical data. An excellent place to begin research.
  • Government Documents & Information Center (Yale University) An excellent site containing federal, international, and foreign information as well as subject-oriented links. A good place to begin research, particularly if searching for specialized information or documents.

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Electronic Resources

  • Government Periodicals (University of Louisville) An extensive alphabetical list of government periodicals available online. Coverage varies according to the individual publications.
  • Electronic Titles (Yale University) Provides an alphabetical list of links to frequently used government publications available online. Also includes links to other indexes of electronic titles.
  • Migrating Government Publications (University of Memphis) This site tracks government publications that are "migrating" to the internet and provides direct links to the documents. Items are arranged both by title and SuDocs number.
  • U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection (Columbia University) An extensive list of electronic titles arranged by subject, such as economics, census, crime, education, environment, law, and other topics. Also includes the corresponding print SuDocs number.
  • CD-ROM Technical Documentation Project (CIC) Designed to centralize CD-ROM documentation, this site provides a listing of federally, commercially & internationally produced CD- ROM's. Additionally, links to descriptions, user guides, technical documentation and web versions are included when available.

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