Argument & Inquiry Seminars

All first-year students are required to take an Argument and Inquiry ("A&I") seminar during their fall term. These seminars are designed to provide students with an understanding of the meaning and value of a liberal arts education during their first months at Carleton.  At their core, A&I courses explicitly introduce the ways that scholars ask questions, and how they find and evaluate evidence in addressing those questions.

Instruction librarians and professors teaching A&I seminars work closely together to integrate experiences into the coursework that will give students opportunities to practice asking scholarly questions, finding and evaluating information, and using that information ethically and effectively to advance both their own arguments and their grasp of the course material. These experiences may include course assignments, in-class instruction by a librarian, and group or individual consultations with students at the Research/IT Desk or during consultations with the course's librarian.