Information Literacy in the Campus Curricular Initiatives

Information literacy is deeply connected to other critical literacies — visuality, numeracy, writing and oral communication among them. Rather than focusing on a separate information literacy initiative based in the library, we focus our efforts on embedding information literacy into existing and emerging curricular initiatives.

As the campus thinks about how to integrate visuality, quantitative reasoning, global issues, and civic engagement into the curriculum,  librarians participate in dicussions, workshops, and events with faculty, students, and other academic support staff. Librarians work closely with faculty as they are revising existing assignments or developing new assignments that ask students to engage with these modes of inquiry and communication. Librarians instruct and provide reference for students as they are working on these assignments.  In addition, library staff work to ensure that the library's collections and services match the changing needs of student work in these areas. 

For a list of current curricular initiatives, see the Dean of the College's page on Academic Innovation & Centers at Carleton.