Printing from Your Laptop

Current faculty, staff, and students can print to campus computers wirelessly from their personal laptops by using this URL:

Sending a job to the release station:

  1. Log in
  2. Click "web print" on the left hand menu
  3. Click "submit a job."
  4. When it asks you to select a printer, choose either
    print\LIBR-PublicX5550 (virtual) for black and white printing
    print\LIBR164-CC5051 for color printing
  5. Follow the remaining instructions on uploading your document

Releasing your job from the release station to the printer

  1. Use any release station at the Reference Room Print Center on 4th Libe
  2. Swipe your OneCard
  3. Click "print" next to your document's title
  4. If you are printing to the black and white printers watch the printer name change to see which letter printer your printout has been sent to!

For more information about printing and your printing account, see the ITS carlpedia page on Paper Cut at

For help configuring your laptop to print wirelessly contact either the ITS helpdesk at x5999 or see the CarlTech on duty at the Research/IT desk in the library.