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Jun 10

Peripatetic Gallery: Access (partially) Denied

Highlights from the Archive of the Master of the Obstructed View

Thursday, June 10th, 2021
Gould Library

This event takes place each day from April 17th, 2021 to June 30th, 2021.

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David Lefkowitz, Master of the obstructed view

David Lefkowitz, Master of the obstructed view

David Lefkowitz, Obstructed View, 2020


For the past two years the Master of the Obstructed View has delighted and frustrated followers with pictures of things blocking the view of other things. This exhibition features, for the first time in a gallery context, samples of these lens-based, usually contrived mishaps.

Peruse the full @masteroftheobstructedview collection on Instagram.


PERIPATETIC is a roving alternative space on wheels, a mobile gallery designed to house small curated exhibits of every ilk. Though miniature in scale, at roughly 3’ x 5’ x 2’, and situated atop a custom-built cart for easy transport, the gallery is not technically a maquette of a larger structure. It is both a representation of a gallery- a scaled down facsimile that can’t be entered physically, and an actual cultural institution with a semi-regular schedule of exhibitions and related programming. For more information, contact David Lefkowitz, Curatorial Director www.davidlefkowitz.net, or dlefkowi@carleton.edu

Sponsored by Gould Library Events. Contact: Zoe Adler