Jan 21

Write-In Jerry Brown

An exhibit highlighting Doug Aitkin's artist's book "Write-in Jerry Brown President," with supplementary materials about the politician

Monday, January 21st, 2019
Gould Library

This event takes place each day from November 27th, 2018 to January 31st, 2019.

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Write-In Jerry Brown President

Jerry Brown 

A lifelong California politician, Jerry Brown has a political résumé longer than most. Entering politics as a young radical, he lost several bids for president as he made his way. Aside from presidential bids, career highlights include serving two consecutive terms twice as California's governor (an office he holds today), as well as turns as secretary of state, mayor of Oakland, and attorney general. Brown has made his mark on California, earning a mixed reputation. Once known for his energetic liberalism, some see him as having retreated in recent years to a more conservative stance.

This exhibit points to select highlights of Brown’s political career, and features Gould Library’s edition of Doug Aitken’s inventive and sculptural artist’s book, Write-In Jerry Brown President, with supporting materials from the library's general collection.

For more information about this unusual artist's book, visit the MoMA website.

Sponsored by Gould Library Exhibitions. Contact: Zoe Adler, x7182