Atlas of Nerve Cells

Human Spinal Cord of Embryo at Eight Months

Human Spinal Cord of Embryo Eight Months. Golgi Stain, Showing Cells with Branches

Moses Allen Starr
Atlas of Nerve Cells
New York: Columbia University Press by Macmillan, 1896
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"[A]ll such drawings are necessarily imperfect and involve a personal element of interpretation. It has seemed to me, therefore, that a series of photographs presenting the actual appearance of neurons under the microscope would be not only of interest but also of service to students."

Designed for use by teachers and students, the often strikingly beautiful photographs in this book were made to accurately record the appearance of nerve cells as viewed under the microscope. The images reveal both the tree-like, branching structure and arrangement of the nerve fibers in the tissue.

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