2002-2003 Exhibitions

Fall 2002

  • Rock of Ages, Sands of Time: Paintings by Barbara Page September-October
  • Photographers and Authors September-October
  • Friends of the Library: Food and Beverage Display September
  • Examining Dread: An Installation by Becky Schurmann October
  • Community and Identity: Excerpts and Snapshots from Carleton LGBT History LGBT Family Reunion October
  • Inaugurations at Carleton: Celebrating New Beginnings October
  • Fine Printing from the Laurence McKinley Gould Library at Carleton College October-November
  • Process/Materials/Research: Advanced Seminar in Painting David Lefkowitz class November-December
  • Student Art Projects: Amanda Mabbitt, Lila Planavsky

Winter 2003

  • Picturing Faith: Religious America In Government Photography, 1935-43 February-March
  • Book Doctors: Preservation in Gould Library
  • Libraries Around the World February-April
  • Broadsides from The Boxcar Press January-March
  • Black at Carleton: A Primer of Carleton History February
  • Of Patrons and Patriots: The USA Patriot Act and American Libraries Febuary-March
  • Terry Gydesen: Paul and Sheila Wellstone Campaign Photographs February-March
  • Student Art Projects: Mollie Bruder, Lila Planavsky, Josh Wolcott
  • What Carleton is Reading: Current Reading Room Favorites March-April

Spring 2003

  • American Scenes Between the Wars: the Fine Print Senior Seminar Exhibit April-June
  • Forty Years of Art and Antiques: R.L. Wilson Class of 1961 April-May
  • Sustainable Design: ENTS Colloquium Exhibit April-May
  • Termespheres: Spherical Paintings By Dick Termes May-June
  • 17th Annual Off-Campus Studies Photo Exhibit May-June
  • Student Library Employees Recognition Exhibit May-June
  • Books Made To Be Held: Paper Arts Class Exhibit May
  • 20th Century Literature from the Collection of Carolyn '63 and Bob '62 Nelson June
  • Thinking Big, Working Small: The Art of Jody Williams '78 June