2005-2006 Exhibitions

Spring 2006

  • Project L-Day: The Great Library Move of '56 June-December
  • Treasured Gifts: Books Donated to the Laurence McKinley Gould Library-June
  • America and the Classics May-August
  • Pre-Raphaelite Arts May-August
  • The 20th Annual Off-Campus Studies Photo Exhibit April-August
  • Celebrating Scholarship on the Carleton Campus April-June
  • Crocheting Curves: Shaping the Hyperbolic Plane March-June
  • Breach: an installation by David Lefkowitz March-September

Winter 2006

  • Arabic Manuscripts from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts January-February
  • From Water Lilies to Comb Jellies: Wall Charts from the Carleton Collection December-March
  • Trees: Wood Engravings by Rosalind Atkins December-March
  • Picture Perfect: The Early Archaelogist and Tourist in Egypt December-March
  • Sustainability Map of Carleton College An ENTS project by Karina Hill '06 and Elizabeth Van Buren '06 December-March
  • Recording Shakespeare: The Cover Design of Arthur Wragg December-April

Fall 2005

  • Portraits of Home: Families in Search of Shelter in Greater Minnesota
  • The Alternate Encyclopedia Annex : Penguiniana September-November
  • ACT 20th Anniversary Exhibition September-November
  • Rackhamesque September-January