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CORE of James Farmer_cover

Caren Heft
The CORE of James Farmer
Text by Detine L. Bowers
Stevens Point, WI: Arcadian Press, 2003
Edition of 30

Gould Library Special Collections

This artist's book honors the life of one of the heroes of the American Civil Rights Movement. Working alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. to advocate for equal rights and desegregation, James Farmer co-founded the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). He worked as an advocate and organizer of nonviolent protests throughout the 1960s, including the Freedom Rides of 1961, which eventually led to the desegregation of interstate transportation.

The book’s text is drawn from interviews Detine L. Bowers conducted with Farmer before his death in 1999. Artist Caren Heft designed and printed this book in wood and metal letterpress on handmade paper a few years later, describing it as “an intimate look at James Farmer’s last days, his body failing, his spirit undaunted.”

Heft founded Arcadian Press in an effort to celebrate and publish underrepresented voices through creative bookmaking. Learn more.  

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