Placing Material on Reserve

To place library materials on reserve, you should complete a Reserves Request Form for each request. There are two ways to access this form:

  • Access the Reserves Request Form via Catalyst. When you are logged in as either a faculty or staff member, you will see a link to the Course Reserves Form from within the item record in Catalyst. Using the from from within Catalyst can be a significant timesaver because some information will pre-fill on the form. Look for the Request Option (in yellow box) which includes “Place on Course Reserves for your students." Select this link to bring up a Reserves Request Form that is pre-filled with the library item’s bibliographic record.

When both a print copy and an electronic version exist in our collection, our default practice is to link to the electronic version rather than place the physical copy on the Reserve shelf. If you have a specific wish for the print copy to be placed on Reserves as well, please let us know and we will make both the electronic and physical items available. 

Your personal copies of books and DVDs may be placed on reserve. Please bring these items to the Circulation Desk. There, you will be asked to document your name, your course name and number, and the reserve period length that applies.

Articles, book chapters, and other digital resources should be placed directly in your course Moodle site. If at all possible, you should link to resources available in library databases. Please see our guide on creating stable links to library resources for best practices. Items that are not available electronically through the library may be scanned and uploaded as long as you adhere to the copyright guidelines as outlined in the Faculty Handbook. 

Please Plan Ahead

Reserve items are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Every attempt is made to place items on reserve in a timely manner; however, we can only guarantee that reserve items will be available to students by a given date if they are submitted to us seven days in advance of that date, so plan accordingly. Also note that reserves are not processed on weekends.

If you have questions

Brenda Hellen is the Reserves Specialist. If you have questions related to placing materials on reserve, please e-mail Brenda at or call 222-4257.

Check online reserve records

After reserve materials are processed, please take the time to check your personal class reserve record in Catalyst for accuracy. By checking your course online, you can verify that your course materials are indeed available for your students.

What may and may not be placed on reserve

Items that may be placed on reserve include most physical materials owned by Carleton or St. Olaf Libraries. E-resources available at Carleton, including e-books and streaming videos, may also be placed "on Reserve" via links associated with a given course in the Catalyst catalog. Personal copies of books and DVDs can be placed on reserve.

We do not place the following categories of items on reserve:

  • Rented or copied DVDs
  • Interlibrary Loan materials
  • Special Collections materials