Writing with Numbers Workshop 2007

Where Numbers Await Us: Finding Statistics and Data


Types of Resources Highlighted

Indexes and Search Engines to Statistical Publications

United States, General

Specialized Compendia, Examples

International Statistical Compendia

Statistical Compendia of Other Countries

Reference Sources

Encyclopædia Britannica Online

World Almanac and Book of Facts
CC Ready Ref AY67.N5 W7 2007

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
CC Ref QD65 .H3 2007-2008

Merck Index
CC Ref RS 51 .M4 1996

Dictionary of Organic Compounds
CC Ref QD246 .D5 1996

Local Resources

Find Data Web site

People: Kristin Partlo and Paula Lackie

WeSearch Data Blog

Non-numeric Resources

The Literature

Talk to your Liaison for suggested bibliographic databases and reference sources

Dissertation Abstracts


Data Collections and Archives

(You will need to establish a password to use with your Carleton email address in order to download data)

Roper Center's iPoll
(You will need to enter your Carleton email address to use this public opinion data archive)

ARDA -- Association of Religion Data Archives

CPANDA -- Cultural Policy & the Arts National Data Archive

Local Holdings
http://go.carleton.edu/finddata or contact Kristin Partlo

Data Archives: links to catalogs
Variable-Level Searching