Writing with Numbers Workshop--NNN 2008

Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH
May 2008

Paula Lackie, Heather Tompkins, Kristin Partlo

Data professionals support student writing with numbers in these ways:

  • Help students understand a broad array of sources available for finding, accessing, and using data
  • Clarify whether or not you or your institution have access to particular resources
  • Maintain awareness of new and emerging resources
  • Uncover difficult to access and "hidden" data that are offline

Statistical Compendia: Quick Numbers and Guides to Sources

United States, General

Specialized Compendia, Examples

International Statistical Compendia

  • EarthTrends
    Blue Dot Free registration required for web access
  • OECD Factbook
    Blue Dot Free online access
    Red Ring Check your local library catalog for print copies.
  • UN Common Database (UNCDB)
    Blue Dot Free web access
  • UN Statistical Yearbook
    Red Ring Check your local library catalog for availability.
  • Maplecroft Maps
    Blue Dot Free web access
  • Penn World Tables
    Blue Dot Free web access
  • Europa World Yearbook
    Red DotRed Ring Check your local library catalog for availability.
  • World Development Indicators
    Red DotRed Ring Check your local library for online access or print provided by your library.

Statistical Compendia of Other Countries

Indexes and Search Engines to Statistical Publications

Emerging sites of interest

More of what your data professionals can do to support student writing with numbers:

  • Maintain annotated guides to research for students & other researchers
  • Visit your classroom to teach particular resources and strategies to students
  • Help students understand why and how to cite data accurately
  • Offer ideas for integrating data and information literacy into assignments

Course Guide Examples from Carleton

Local Resources

  • Who are your local contacts?
  • What resources are available on your campus?

Even more ideas for how data professionals can help:

  • Help you manage your accumulating data through its life-cycle
  • Assist in creating graphical displays of your data
  • Work closely with others on & off campus to get answers to questions

Data Collections and Archives

Data Archives: links to catalogs

Variable-Level Searching