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Use this link for help on how to do general research at Carleton, such as any of the following:

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Print Reference Collection

Use these sources at the beginning of your research to get an overview of a topic or to identify synonyms or related terms that will apply to your topic. Later, return to these sources to clarify concepts or define new vocabulary. These sources also include bibliographical references that may prove helpful. All of these sources are located in the Reference Collection.

Library of Congress Call Numbers to browse in the print reference collection or in the general collection for Anthropology:


This is only a partial list of the call numbers pertaining to Anthropology. For a complete listing, go to the Library of Congress Classification Outline, provided by the Cataloging Policy and Support Office of the Library of Congress.

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Selected Print Reference Titles

Encyclopedias and other general reference titles are used to get an overview of a topic written by a specialist, find related terms that will apply to your topic, or identify a selected bibliography.

General Collection GN 1 .A623
Annual Review of Anthropology, 1972-1994. (continues Biennial Review of Anthropology, 1959-1971.)
Summarizes trends in subfields of anthropology; contains extensive bibliographies on each topic.

Ref GN 11 .D48 1997
Barfield, Thomas, ed. The Dictionary of Anthropology. 1997.
Entries include issues, concepts, theories, methodologies and the major references on the topic.

Ref GN 50.3 .H57 1997
Spencer, Frank, ed. History of Physical Anthropology: an encyclopedia. 1997.
A two volume set; the Preface states that entries include "...the development of specific areas of scientific inquiry and theory...the discipline's intellectual and institutional development in specific countries...biographical sketches."

Ref Folio GN 281 .E53 1988
Tattersall, Ian, & others. Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory. 1988.

Ref GN 307 .E52 1996
Levinson, David & Ember, Melvin, ed. Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology. 1996.
Articles written by well-known anthropologists; covers the intellectual and conceptual topics in the discipline; includes a list of discipline journals.

Ref GN 316 .R37 2000
Rapport, Nigel & Overing, Joanna, ed. Social and Cultural Anthropology: the key concepts. 1996.
Major concepts are defined and explained; extensive bibliography included.

Ref GN 333 .W67 1998
Gall, Timothy, ed. Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. 1998.
A four volume set arranged by continent; short sections on various aspects of each cultural group.

Ref GN 345 .H37 1998
Bernard, H. Russell, ed. Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology. 1998.
Chapter topics range from research design to ethics to data analysis methods; each section ends with a conclusion, notes, and references.

Ref GN 388 .C35 1999
Lee, Richard B. and Daly, Richard, ed. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers. 1999.
CThe Ethnologrphies section is arranged by continent in general, special topic essays on the history and social theories of hunters/gatherers, cross-cultural perspective, and how they exist in a global world.

Ref Folio GN 495.4 .E53 1993
Gonen, Amiram, ed. The Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World. 1993.
Useful index; select bibliography at the end of the book.

Ref Folio GN 550 .E53 1991
O'Leary, T. J. and David Levinson, eds. Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 1991- .
vol. 1. North America -- vol. 2. Oceania -- vol. 3. South Asia -- vol. 4. Europe -- vol 5. East and Southeast Asia -- vol. 6 Russia and Eurasia, China -- vol. 7. South America -- vol. 8. Middle America and the Carribean -- vol. 9. Africa and the Middle East -- vol. 10. Indexes; prepared by HRAF at yale.

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If you want to know whether Carleton subscribes to a particular journal, or whether there is full text access, perform a TITLE search in Bridge using the exact title of the journal you're looking for. If Carleton does not own the journal, take advantage of our Interlibrary Loan Services.

For example:
Culture, medicine, and psychiatry
American anthropologist

full text articles may be found in the following databases:

Project Muse

selected full text is available through:

Academic Search Premier
ProQuest Research Library

These aggregrate databases includes some full text along with just the citations of journal articles.

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Databases and Indexes

Databases, indexes and abstracts give you an organized entry point into periodical literature. Carleton does not own every journal title indexed in the electronic databases the library offers. Check Bridge (the library's catalog) to see if we own the journal title you are looking for. If we don't, take advantage of our Interlibrary Loan Services.

Ref GN 1 .A15
Abstracts in Anthropology.
Carleton has: 1974- 1997
Basic index in the field; covers books, articles, and papers.

Anthropological Literature: an Index to Periodical Articles and Essays, 1983 to date.
Large article index for anthropology; no full text.

Contemporary Women's Issues, 1969 to date.
CWI provides global coverage of information (articles, newsletters, IGOs, and more) on women.

Ethnic News Watch, 1991 to date.
Index and full text of about 100 minority newspapers published in the U.S.

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography/Human Relations Area Files
Ethnographies are coded according to culture group (i.e. Ojibway) and topic (i.e. childrearing); good for cross-cultural topics; much material is pre-1950; the major part of the collection is available in the microfiche collection; newer material is online; see a reference librarian for assistance.

Ref GN 304 .I593
BLPES/International Bibliography of Anthropology (formerly the International Bibliography of Social and Cultural Anthropology). 1955-1959; 1988 to date. (continues: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences: Anthropology, 1960-1987.)
Extensive coverage of books and journal articles; annual; no electronic access.

MarciveWeb DOCS, 1976 to date.
Basic index to publications from U.S. government agencies, executive documents, and selective coverage of Congressional publications. Many of these titles owned by Carleton will be in Muse. See a librarian for access to additional documents.

Web of Science/SSCI - Social Science Citation Index, 1969 to date.
The Institute for Scientific Information publishes the Social Sciences Citation Index, which provides access to current bibliographic information and cited references, covering more than 1,700 of the world's leading social sciences journals in a broad range of disciplines. It also covers individually selected, relevant items from more than 3,400 of the world's leading natural and physical science journals. A powerful capability is cited reference searching, a process whereby one tracks the number of times a specific work has been cited or referenced in other works.

Sociological Abstracts, 1952 to date.
Main index to the discipline.

Ref HQ 1111 .W65
Women Studies Abstract, 1972 to date.
Indexes scholarly and popular publications not covered by more mainstream indexes.

Ref HQ 1181 .W683
Women Studies Index, 1989 to date.
Straight alphabetical author and subject listing of bibliographic citations. Comprehensive indexing of scholarly periodicals, selective indexing of popular titles.

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Web Links

American Anthropological Association
The key association for the field, and publisher of the journal American Anthropologist. See especially their Anthropology Resources on the Internet and Resources for Students in Anthropology.
A large database of annotated web resources. A good place to start.

Anthropology in the News
Links to current news stories. You may need to use this site with the library's Journals List to get access to stories.

Ethnographic Resources Related to Folklore, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, and the Humanities
This annotated list is maintained by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress.

"An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world's 6912 known living languages."

Intute: Anthropology
The Intute web site is a great way to search broadly for scholarly anthropological content on the web. All sources are carefully selected and annotated.

Society for Medical Anthropology
See especially the Topical Resources page.

Theories in Anthropology
A set of guides -- written by students of anthropology -- providing overviews of the subdisciplines, major theorists and trends in the discipline.

WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology
Well-regarded, extensive site for academic resources.

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