Digital Archiving of Comps, Honors Papers & Prize-Winning Works

Carleton is creating a digital archive of significant student work, in the form of comps, honors papers & prize-winning works. Faculty and staff in each academic department or program will work with their students to ensure that the final version of comps papers and projects, honors papers & prize-winning works are archived in a digital form, starting with the 2008-09 academic year.

Read on for more information about seeing what's in the archive, submitting to the archive, and our policies.

Index of the work and access instructions

Carleton students, faculty, staff, and alumni may search the index of student works to see which papers and projects have been archived.  Note that this does not have the full text of the works - access to the full contents is restricted to faculty

 Note also that the index may not be fully up to date as some papers may have been added to the archive since the last update of the index.  Students who have questions about whether their work was correctly submitted should send them to

Online Submission

Online submission form and instructions for students who are submitting their work for archiving (thank you!).  Please direct your questions to

  • Submission Form
    Online form for students to use to submit work for digital archiving - requires Carleton login.

  • Making PDFs from Word documents
    Watch these video tutorials to learn how to create PDF files to submit for archiving.

FAQs, & Digital Archiving Policy

FAQs and the digital archiving policy can be found below.  Please direct your questions to

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