Digital Archiving of Comps, Honors Papers & Prize-Winning Works

Carleton is creating a digital archive of significant student work, in the form of comps, honors papers & prize-winning works. Faculty and staff in each academic department or program will work with their students to ensure that the final version of comps papers and projects, honors papers & prize-winning works are archived in a digital form, starting with the 2008-09 academic year.

Online submission form, instructions, FAQs and the policy can be found below.  Please direct your questions to Ann Zawistoski, Library, x7671,


Submission Form, FAQs, & Digital Archiving Policy

Submission Form
Online form for students to use to submit work for digital archiving - requires Carleton login.

Making PDFs from Word documents
Watch these video tutorials to learn how to create PDF files to submit for archiving.


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