The Information Literacy in Student Writing Project

Every year Carleton sophomores submit their writing portfolios for evaluation. Once the college has finished evaluating them, the portfolios are available for use by others on campus. The library has taken advantage of this and developed an on-going assessment project using these portfolios.

Each year, beginning in 2008, we pull a subset of papers from that year's collection of portfolios and read them using the rubric we constructed to help us develop a picture of how information literate our sophomores are. Since we can only see the students' writing, we cannot assess all facets of their information literacy, but there are quite a few markers of information literacy that can be gleaned even from closely focused primary source analysis or lab reports.

Participating in this assessment project has helped us develop new ways of talking about information literacy at the first and second year level and new ways of articulating how information literacy functions outside the parameters of traditional research projects.

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Suggested Citation for Information Literacy in Student Writing Rubric and Codebook

Gould Library Reference and Instruction Department.  "Information Literacy in Student Writing Rubric."  Northfield, MN: Carleton College. 2017.