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Feb 20

Cosmopolitanism and Europe in an Age of Crisis

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Gerard Delanty, Professor of Sociology and Social & Political Thought, Sussex University (UK)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018
5:00 – 6:00 pm / Gould Library Athenæum
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What is the fate of Europe in an age of new divisions? Is the idea of Europe predicated on a vision of pluralism or universalism? Gerard Delanty argues that European identity is open to new definitions that can be built upon its post-war project of peace and reconstruction. A European heritage that seeks social justice and hospitality has much to offer today, and stands in continuity with one of the most valuable but overlooked features of European self-understanding: opposition to war.

Gerard Delanty, Professor of Sociology and Social & Political Thought at Sussex University, Brighton, UK is an Irish and British citizen and has held visiting professorships in Toronto, Kyoto and Melbourne. Author of twelve books, which include Inventing Europe (Macmillan 1995), Formations of European Modernity: A Historical and Political Sociology of Europe (Palgrave, 2013), The Cosmopolitan Imagination: The Renewal of Critical Social Theory (Cambridge University Press) and The European Heritage: A Critical Re-interpretation (Routledge, 2018). He is also Editor of the European Journal of Social Theory. He has a blog on Brexit.

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