II: The Byrd Expedition


The Amundsen cairn.

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The Amundsen note.
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The Amundsen cairn.
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The Amundsen cairn.
The geological party had traversed much of the same ground followed by Roald Amundsen in his historic trek to the Pole in 1911-12, and on Christmas Day they were elated to locate on Mt. Betty, near the Axel Heiberg glacier, a cairn that had been left by Amundsen. As Gould described it, "We couldn't help standing at attention, with hats off, in admiring respect for the memory of this remarkable man before we touched a rock of the cairn. It was one of the most exciting moments of the summer when I pried the lid off the tin can in the cairn and took out a bit of paper which had formerly been a page in Amundsen's notebook, and on which he had briefly recorded the discovery of the South Pole."


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