IV: President Gould


Sketch appearing in the 1950 Algol.

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April 10, 1950: Red Tie Dinner in the Twin Cities.
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Report of the President to the Board of Trustees, 1949-50
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Sketch appearing in the 1950 Algol.
After five years, much had been accomplished. The Art Building, Boliou Hall, had been completed, and hopeful plans were being developed for a new library and for the remodeling of Willis Hall into a Memorial Union. Gould issued a five year report that summer in which he addressed "the question of the permanent size we wish the College to be." Reflecting that the experience of community participation is impossible in large groups, he hesitated to state a definite figure for the "ideal" size for Carleton College, but did assert that "we who have experimented with and thought about the problem during the post-war years are convinced that for us it is certainly less than one thousand students."


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