IV: President Gould


At a faculty meeting in Boliou Hall, 1958-59.

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Gould and Yamasaki, November 1958.
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With the bust of Schiller, date uncertain.
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At a faculty meeting in Boliou Hall, 1958-59.
People familiar with the Carleton of the late '50s and into the '60s will enjoy spotting familiar faces in this photo. During the Gould era full attendance at faculty meetings was expected -- Gould's secretary Sally Crandall would sit in the back of the room taking attendance, and missing faculty could expect a query the next day as to the reasons behind their absence. But these men and women were valued. When asked to name the one or two things he did that made his administration so successful, Gould replied "Oh, that is easy. Going out and getting the best faculty I could find, bringing them here, and letting them loose."


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