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A shift in politics.

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Speaking at a Symposium in Rochester, 1964.
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At Carleton's Centennial Science Symposium, 1966.
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A shift in politics.
From a feature on Gould printed in the Minneapolis Tribune, Jan. 3, 1965: "During the recent election he was a member of Scientists and Engineers for Johnson and Humphrey. This was quite a switch, he admitted, for a lifelong Republican and one sometimes pressed by Minnesota Republicans to run for the Senate against Democrat Humphrey. His reason, he said bluntly, was Arizona's Barry Goldwater and Goldwater's opposition to the administration's civil rights bill, the nuclear test ban and the Antarctic treaty. 'When we went to Tucson,' Gould said, 'we found we had to register by party. I went into one booth and my wife went into another. When we came out, I said to her, "My father would spin in his grave if he knew it, but I'm a Democrat." She said, "I am too."'"


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